The AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria´s largest non-university research institute, specialist on research and development activities of technologies, techniques and tools of key infrastructure solutions of the future. Within the Business Unit Technology Experience (Department Innovation Systems), an experienced and interdisciplinary research team deals among other things with the development of innovative interface designs and privacy-enhancing as well as accessible technology. Users are involved in all phases of development and social, emotional as well as ergonomic requirements are considered, to adapt information technology to the needs of the users.

Picture of Elke Mattheiss

Elke Mattheiss
Scientist, project lead and user research

Picture of Marc Busch

Marc Busch
Scientist, data privacy and privacy-enhancing technology

Picture of  Georg Regal

Georg Regal
Junior Scientist, interaction design and prototype development

Picture of Manfred Tscheligi

Manfred Tscheligi
Head of Business Unit, quality assurance

The Hilfsgemeinschaft (Austrian Association in Support of the Blind and Visually Impaired) is an independent non-profit organization. The Hilfsgemeinschaft was founded in 1935 to improve the living conditions of visually impaired persons. As the largest organization for visually impaired persons in East Austria the Hilfsgemeinschaft supports and cares for nationwide around 4.400 members. The main focus of its work is to eliminate existing barriers in the area of communication, architecture, tourism, transport, sport as well as to promote accessible art and culture. Within the framework of projects dedicated to Accessibility, the Hilfsgemeinschaft cooperates with other organisations, universities, international organisations and research institutions in Austria and Europe.

Picture of Klaus Höckner

Klaus Höckner
Head of IT, accessibility and expert reviews

Picture of Daniele Marano

Daniele Marano
Project manager, expert reviews and user research